BellyNest Bub & Mum Wrap™
BellyNest Bub & Mum Wrap™
BellyNest Bub & Mum Wrap™
BellyNest Bub & Mum Wrap™
BellyNest Bub & Mum Wrap™
BellyNest Bub & Mum Wrap™
BellyNest Bub & Mum Wrap™
BellyNest Bub & Mum Wrap™
BellyNest Bub & Mum Wrap™
BellyNest Bub & Mum Wrap™

BellyNest Bub & Mum Wrap™

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This product is 100% FREE

This product is offered completely free of charge when you purchase one of our other products: either the BellyNest Pregnancy Pillow or the BellyNest Pregnancy Belt.

To unlock this offer, simply add the mentioned products to your cart along with the Bub & Mum Wrap in your favorite color and the wrap will be send you for FREE along side BellyNest Pillow or Pregnancy Belt

Breathable & Safe

Made from breathable cotton fabric, our cover ensures proper airflow for your baby while also providing a safe and hygienic environment for feeding.

Privacy and Confidence With our cover, nursing in public becomes effortless and discreet, allowing you to feed your baby with confidence while maintaining your privacy

Stylish and Modern Design

Elevate your nursing experience with our chic and trendy cover, designed to keep you looking fashionable while breastfeeding discreetly in public.

LUXlife Magazine

Featured in LuxLife Magazine's prestigious selection of parent and baby products, our breastfeeding cover redefines elegance and functionality for modern mothers.

Crafted from luxurious 100% cotton fabric, it offers unparalleled comfort and style while providing discreet nursing solutions for moms on the go.

Both Are Beautiful | You can choose your own way💞

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Machine washable and quick-drying, our cover is designed for hassle-free cleaning, allowing you to focus more on bonding with your baby and less on laundry.

30 degrees, no tumble dry


Crafted with a keen eye for aesthetics, our cover boasts natural colors that effortlessly blend with any outfit, ensuring you remain fashion-forward while nurturing your little one.

Luxuriate in the comfort of 100% cotton fabric, beautifully tailored to enhance both you and your baby's experience.